Video Fact of the Month

Brands earned 50 percent more organic views per day on Instagram in January 2016 than they did in January 2015, according to video ad-tech firm Pixability.



Full-day rate (up to 10 hours): $400

Half-day rate (up to 5 hours): $250

Video Editing

Top-quality editing at a state-of-the-art workstation. $75/hr

Script Development

We will work with you to develop your story. You finish the scriptwriting process with a powerful script ready to enter pre-production. $75/hr


Ben has served as videographer at two annual Brady Campaign Summits, worked on videos for Brady's Annual Gala, and created shareable online content for the group. Some of this work has been shown on C-Span and at the 50th Anniversary March on Washington.

Ben filmed and edited a video about several U.S. Senators who voted against background checks despite widespread public support for the measure.

Phone Homie is a boutique clothing firm with headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Color School Films works with Phone Homie to create humorous videos that meld with the brand's unique voice and its positive, 'Beast Coast' vibe.

Caroline Brewer is an author, literacy consultant, and teacher trainer. Color School Films has worked with Ms. Brewer to provide photography services at a teen writing camp as well as in the production of two books.

Color School Films has worked with renowned political photographer William Moree to prepare his video work for an online audience. Mr. Moree is a prominent photographer and videographer who works with Democrats running for national office.

Chance is always powerful. Let your hook always be cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be fish. Ovid


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Ben started his career in film production in Boston, working on commercials for clients like McDonald's, Brinks, and Saturn. He then worked as chief news and crime reporter for a weekly newspaper in the Boston metro area before returning to the film world. He holds degrees in English Literature and Fine Arts.

Ben's work has been featured on television and launched numerous social media campaigns. He was the chief editor of a video about gun violence that played to an audience of tens of thousands at the 50th Anniversary March on Washington.


Ten, 15, or 30-second spots. Long and short-form documentary. Whatever your needs, we create clear and bold work that outstrips competing content and delivers your audience. The most dependable way to do this is with the power of an original idea, executed with economy.


We deliver great work and time for it to work its magic. Our Nikon DSLR and MacBook Pro workflow means post-production can begin as soon as video capture has concluded. We are able to work onsite to bring your brand-new video to your website or YouTube channel.


A rock-solid script. Camera angles that imbue power to ideas. Bold music choices. Memorable graphics. Adobe Premiere Pro editing that ties it all together. At Color School Films, we focus on the elements of filmmaking because we have reverence for the art's power to educate, move, and challenge.

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